Jan, 2013

General Club Member Requirements

The following items are required to be and to stay in good standing with the EPTC

  1. Members will adhere to all traffic laws of the road, basic cycling etiquette and agree in principal to the seven lost fundamentals to the best of their ability.
  2. Members are required to head/lead an organized ride per year or invite the club to a dedicated club social event of your choosing (hopefully that includes a ride too). All events must be put on the event calendar at least seven days in advance. In addition you are required to attend a minimum of 5 club rides/events a year. Racing and organized training at the velodrome are counted towards your attendance. An organized ride can be Mountain Biking, Road, Track or to head to the local watering hole for a drink or two. The goal is to do things as a group.
  3. Members are required to volunteer at least once a year at the Dick Lane Velodrome (weekly races, track clean-ups, or major races for example)
  4. Members must wear at least their EPTC jersey at any EPTC organized ride. (can be past years gear)
  5. Members must be willing to enjoy their time on the bike and with your fellow club members

General Team Member Requirements

  1. Abide by all Club member  requirements
  2. Team members must race in at least 2 of the 3 major races at the Dick Lane Velodrome and at least 50% of the weekly Wednesday racing at the Dick Lane Velodrome
  3. Team members must be willing to act and abide by team tactics, directed by the appointed team captain for the day. Understand that we are a large team and that may get split into teams within the team to promote a better, healthier racing environment for all riders and teams
  4. Wear your EPTC gear at any race or organized ride whether it is put on by the EPTC or not. (this years gear is preferred)
  5. The EPTC has a no PED policy that is clearly stated within the seven fundamentals, and we strongly encourage our members to sign the No PED’s pledge at Georgia Bicycle Racing Association website.